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May 31, 2005

EJ, I purchased a new Jackson Superstar about two weeks
ago. I love the boat. I am a tall heavy paddler and I have a hard time
finding a small boat that fits me. So as a result all my boats in the
past have been larger river/play kayaks and not full on play boats. Your
Superstar is the first one that really fits me comfortably. I demoed a
Super for two days at the New river. I found myself spinning on waves
I have never spun on before and playing in spots never played before.
Needless to say I bought one that day. This past weekend on a trip to
Pa. we were driving at about 75 mph when my friends rack let go. My new
Superstar went for a short flight, about 30 feet in the air and then a
crash to the pavement. I was horrified, but on examining the boat I found
a few new scratches that could easily have occurred on the river. My friends
boat on the other hand looked like it was mauled by a large animal.(not
a Jackson). I wanted to E-mail you and thank you guys for one, making
a incredibly capable and comfortable kayak, but also on tough boat. Thank
you for you time and energy.

Dave Harris