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May 4, 2005

Our first delivery of Rockers
will happen this Friday! For those of you who have been patiently waiting,
you will be very happy you waited! Cross-linked plastic, cross-linked
plastic, and yes cross-linked plastic!

More goodies:

Best, and safest, bulkhead system ever put in a creekboat!
The bulkhead has a built in shock absorbing system (but remember my dad’s
motto: a good engineer can do for an ounce what any idiot does for a pound)
Our system absorbs shock but isn’t heavy. It is adjustable from
in the boat, just like our 2005 backband! Fast and easy!

The boat drives, stays on line, but still boofs like
a dream.

Those really high up bow and sterns you are seeing
a lot of on new creekboats are like a sail in the wind for waves, holes,
and reactionaries. The Rocker maintains a lower profile without sacrificing
volume, offering no flat sides to the boils and water. Easy to get and
stay on line. A longer waterline at only 8’ is perfect for driving
up on the rocks and getting a better boof. The low draft (the hull doesn’t
go very far in the water) means better paddling in shallow water, easier
boofing, and faster lines.

The boat retails for $995.

Call your dealer and reserve yours today. To
find your dealer click on this link and give them a call!

EJ 🙂