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May 15, 2005

The Maryland Chut-Out is a series of rodeos on the
Potomac River in MD that occur on the last Thursday of the month from
April through September. The first Chute-Out of ’05 was a huge success
with Nineteen competitors, and about 10 spectators making it out to Portage
Hole. Although the hole was a little on the high and flushy side, competitors
pulled it together for some awesome rides featuring slinging ends and
some huge air. The crowd got fine entertainment with the boys from Local
Paddler putting on a show and some great action in the junior class from
Huge Experiences. This was an AWESOME event and a heartfelt "thanks
man" goes out to James Sneeringer for putting it all together.

-Rob Terry



  1. Rob Terry (Super Star)
  2. Luke Hopkins
  3. Bryon Dorr
  4. Simon Robinson
  5. Dave Blanding
  6. Dave Hughes (All Star)
  7. Mike Mathwin
  8. James Sneeringer


  1. Anatole Mnev
  2. Matt Hale
  3. Andre Zuban


  1. Matt Fithlin
  2. Nathan Silsbee (All Star)
  3. Eric Chance
  4. Jordan Poffenberger (Fun 1)
  5. Craig Rivett


1. Monique Hubshman (Star)


  1. Joe Stumpfel
  2. Seth Chapelle




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