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June 20, 2005


First thing I want to say is, I’m completely blown
away by the 4Fun. I borrowed a demo from Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters in
Hot Springs (those guys are the absolute best!) and had the afternoon
of my life in a kayak. I now paddle a Wavesport Z, but not for much longer.
Thanks. Everybody claims to have the best product for my buck, but your
team really delivers. My paddlin partner tried out a SuperStar yesterday
and feels the same way I do about the 4Fun; the perfect boat for me. I
cannot believe how friendly the hull was in confused water. I always hang
the edges in my Z (rookie mistakes I’m sure) and feel like I’m waiting
for the one to take me down. Thanks again.

I was REALLY stoked to find out you’re coming here
for our rendezvous on the Ouachita in September. Dagger’s Paddle With
the Pros is coming at the end of July; I think we’re maybe getting a little
notice here in Arkansas. It’s just too bad it’s a dry year, or the paddling
opportunities would be much better.

Anyway, I can’t wait to meet you in September. I love
what you’re trying to do with your company and I wish you, your family,
and your team the best of luck in all that you guys do. What a story Jackson
Kayaks makes, eh?

See You On The River!

Danny Rowe
official Jackson junkie!