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June 20, 2005

Team Jackson Kayak is rocking
the Salida Whitewater park! Yesterday, Dane Jackson Kayak and Nick Troutman
took the top two spots in the junior men’s division in the prelims
for freestyle, both in Jackson Kayak! Todd Baker got third. In the men’s
division: EJ was first, followed by Steven Wright (both in All-Stars),
and Clay Wright made the cut in his All-Star in 6th so far. Jimmy Blakeney
was third. In the women’s pro class- Katie Selby, Hanna Farrar,
Ali Wade, then Emily Jackson. Ali and Emily paddling their Star and All-Stars.

The biggest thing was seeing just how big the Star
and All-Star goes! Nothing comes close to the huge loops, and quick maneuvers
of the All-Star. No longer is that a secret!

Today is the boatercross and the slalom race, and also
a clinic for Lotus Designs. I am doing the slalom because it conflicts
with the Boatercross and my kids want to do the slalom.

Carman, Lorraine, and John Ratliff are all here, very

EJ 🙂