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June 17, 2005

FIBARK finally arrives and the sun’s out in force.
We started the day
with Jimmy Blakeney, Brian Jennings, EJ and I doing a live radio
interview for the local station then ended it with the whole Jackson
Kayak Team headed into finals on sunday!

I guess having the Ratliffs here as well as Lorraine
(Kristine’s mom
and websales) to cheer us on really helped.

Ali Wade 3rd and Emily’s in 4th women’s Pro, Dane and
Nick 1st and 2nd
respectively, EJ and Stephen 1st and second in Men’s Pro, and I’m
headed to finals in the 6-spot. Several of the Huge Academy kids were

ripping it up as well, but I never did get to see the final results to

know who did what.

Anyway – the ‘Pine Creek Extreme’ race is tomorrow
as is the slalom –
so we hope to ‘divide and conquer’ with Eric and the kids dodging poles

in his ‘Richochet’ (sp) and Nick and I getting ‘extreme’ on Pine Creek.

Great fun so far, and the water is bound to come up
due to the heat.

More soon –

PS – sorry, no pictures cause Kristine, Eric, Nick,
Stephen, and I were
working so hard for the event all day.