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Little Olive Gardner, age 5, 35 pounds soaking wet, makes the
Fun 1 look great in SC!

June 8, 2005

I got this letter from her dad…

Hi gang,

Sending two photos in case you want to add them to
your gallery. Both are Olive Gardner, age 5, 35 lbs. on the Ashepoo River
in coastal SC. She loves her Jackson and is just starting in on surf.

A little local history: David Browmel and I may have
been among the first to surf below the Rock Island powerhouse. I discovered
a decent standing wave there around 1973 and we started going over from
Nashville on slow summer weekends. Most memorable experience there was
the time a fisherman right out of Deliverance cast his plug and hooked
the palm of my hand – probably deliberately. I remember yelling , "Don’t
pull! Don’t pull!" as I tried to get back to the eddy to work out
the hook.

One Fun series design consideration: the rivets in
the back brace are not stainless, so they won’t last long in a saltwater
environment. Ours are already very rusty.

Keep up the good work,

Edwin Gardner
Charleston, SC



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