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June 6, 2005

While Tanya Faux’s loops were flying high and Jay Kincaid
hit a
Mcnasty, Eric and Emily stepped it up in the head to head rounds to
beat out Tanya Shuman and Dustin Urban as well. Great day of
competition – these finishers really made a great show of this little

flushy hole in the middle of perhaps a thousand spectators? These
Vail games really pack em in.

Preceding the Freestyle Finals, the 8-ball comp saw
Tommy Hileke and the nearly invincible Nikki Kelly bringing home the bacon
after a tough bout with the ‘jousters’ on course to slow them down as
well as ‘hippidy-hops’ swinging from the bridge. So ends the fifth and
final day of Teva’s Vail Mountain Games – an event that is quickly establishing
itself as the most comprehensive competitive freestyle kayaking events
in the world.

Thanks to Girls at Play and Matt Solomon for judging
and all the other volunteers too numerous to name.

Looking forwards to sleeping in –

Clay Wright
Freestyle Co-ordinator