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June 30, 2005

Hi Eric,
I realize that you are probably bombarded with email concerning your boats
but I wanted to let you know that I demoed the Super Fun yesterday and
am buying one today!

I live in Truckee, CA, just outside of Reno and demoed one from Reno Mountain
yesterday at the park in Reno. This boat does all I could ask it to do
and more. I could cartwheel and flatspin this thing easier than my Kingpin
and it is almost ten gallons bigger and inches longer. The hull is way
looser and it can carve in a front surf like no boat I have ever been
in…amazing hull design. The stern doesn’t load up easily which is what
I wanted for pushier water, and peeling in and out of eddies is a breeze.
I am sure you have already heard all this from others…but I am so stoked
I had to give out the feedback.

Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for designing such a great boat. For
what I want to use it for which is run Class IV/V and still play all the
features on the way;this boat does it all. Can’t wait to use it next spring
for the runoff, shoulda bought one this past March. Thanks again.



Oh yeah….its dry too. Leaps beyond the sieve of a boat, aka Kingpin.