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June 19, 2005

We had 2 swims in the practice rounds, then another
in the time trials.

Once we moved on to head to head you would have thought
the swimming was done, but we were wrong.

2 of the Pro men ended up in the drink – at least –
and some of the women made amazing recoveries from the depths of the hole.

The Super-Hero proved the ‘Star’ of the day – winning
the time trials (when paddled by Clay)) and then going on to win every
round of head-to-head action (paddled by Andy Mazer – who wasn’t able
to find a Nomad – lucky guy!).

The final round had Andy’s Dagger Team-mate John Meyers
out in front, but Andy right on his stern through every wave. While it
seemed a tough place to pass, Andy fired it up on the entrance to the
‘S-turn’ – riding up onto John’s boat and causing him to flip right above
the nasty Pine Creek hole! Sure enough, Andy pulled ahead as John went
for the ride of his life – finally getting spit-out still in his kayak
to finish the race. Few others could have taken such a beating and paddled
away hard – nice work John, and nice work Andy – who takes home a nice
phat check$$$.

More FIBARK to come –