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June 4, 2005

Update from Vail:

Semi’s just done after 1/2 inch of rain fell on us.
The snowy scene from 4” of white stuff postponed the event till 2PM but
it was a beautiful view from town.

OK – Emily kept it up, still first. Tanya Faux’s loops
still flying – second. Tanya Shuman luckily stuck one nice airloop to
advance, as Nikki’s varied and stylish routine just didn’t have enough
‘complete’ moves for the judges. Bummer for the impressive Nikki, but
Tanya S will no doubt deliver tomorrow.

The Men were on fire, but Dustin Urban’s Mcnasty put
him into the finals with the clear leaders – Jay and EJ. Dane was certainly
impressive, coming in 7th place against the top Pro’s in the US. Not bad
for a ‘Tween-ager’!

Both Jay and EJ make this hole look world class, sticking
like super-glue every trick without having to paddle back up during the
one minute rides. EJ’s loops were ‘back’, ‘big’ and ‘huge’ bonusing all
over – demoting Jay’s controlled routine into the second place spot.

Look for more ‘huge’ loops as well as some stylish
showmanship when the top 3 men and women compete to see who takes home
the biggest check $ $ $