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July 19, 2005

It has been three days since my accident. I haven’t
been able to get tests done yet to determine the extent of the damage
to my muscles and tendons, but am pretty good at self-diagnosis. I am
guessing that all of my core muscles will heal quickly, but I think I
tore my hip flexor, and I am guessing that it is because I lifted my right
leg up hard at the same moment Jason’s bow drove into the muscles,
causing too much stress on the tendon to handle. Last night I didn’t
wake up to take my pain medication and it had worn off by the time I woke
up giving me a better indicator of where I am at. This morning wasn’t
pretty, but I got some oxycodone back in my system (legal prescribed narcotics)
and the world was a better place. Ultimately, I am functioning fine and
will be able to work as my usual non-stop self, just not kayak. Dr. Jessie
Stone (Team JK, founder of Soft Power Health, and great friend) has been
coaching me on next steps and will find the appropriate orthopedic doctor
to take an inventory of damage to soft tissue, so I can begin my active
recovery at the first possible moment. As you can see from the photos,
my side is still quite swollen and the bruises are starting to come to
the surface. I am on a downward physical spiral before my recovery and
then my climb back to peak physical shape. I will be trying to get that
timeline down quickly. I hope to have the “Paddle Station”
finished to aid in my recovery, but will likely not have it ready until
the fall or winter, but it will help me be ready for Africa this winter.

I am almost home! Rock Island here I come!