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July 25, 2005

Man, things just don’t move fast enough for me,
and that is my problem. Clay spent an hour talking with his dad, who is
a doctor, about my condition and it all boils down to how much time to
heal. My kidney, he says, can’t be overly damaged or I would not
be peeing yellow. My muscles aren’t getting fixed anyhow, and only
if my tendon is completely off the bone would they do anything anyhow.

Therefore, I am backing off of the theories and going
to focus on rehab and healing. I was able to swim yesterday, as long as
I didn’t kick much, I think that will be my outlet for exercise
for now. Clay and I swam across the lake and back after I drove him around
the lake on his boat. He is very close to nailing his backflip on the

🙂 EJ