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July 27, 2005

second Jackson Kayak Super Store, High Country Outfitters, will have its
Grand Opening on Saturday night at 7pm in its Buckhead store, yippee!

What is a Super Store you ask? Like our number one
volume store in the world, Valley Mill Boat Shop in DC, a Super Store
only carries Jackson Kayak whitewater kayaks. What the store guarantees
is that they will have the kayak you are looking, and if they don’t
have the specific color you want, they’ll be able to get it fast.

What about High Country Outfitters as a whitewater
shop? In the past years Bubba Sloan, owner, hasn’t made whitewater
his priority, allowing other Atlanta dealers, or destination shops handle
the whitewater market, while dabbling in the business, but not satisfying
his desire to have a great whitewater shop. The result was that he had
a beautiful specialty outdoor shop, with the best gear in hiking, camping,
etc., but a neglected whitewater department. Bubba’s two sons, James
and John, are both active whitewater paddlers, employees of the store,
and instructors for High Country. Bubba has decided to take his store
to the forefront of whitewater shops in Atlanta and approached Jackson
Kayak with the idea of being a Super Store. I am confident that High Country
will quickly become a whitewater shop worthy of attention from local boaters
and boaters from all over the Southeast for their whitewater needs.

As the owner of Jackson Kayak, and finally being able
to offer our customers a full line of whitewater boats, Creek, River runners,
River running/playboats, and full on Playboats I am proud to be the supplier
to High Country in their quest for having the best whitewater shop in

Grand Opening Party:

Where? High
Country Outfitters
, Buckhead, Georgia call them at: 404-814-0999

When? Saturday,
July 30th from 7-9pm

What will we do?

  1. Come see the entire Jackson Kayak line on display
  2. Meet Eric Jackson, Emily Jackson, Kristine Jackson,
    and Clay Wright, Bubba Sloan, James Sloan, and John Sloan
  3. Watch EJ’s slide show from the past year’s
  4. Drink Sweetwater beer, or have some wine and cheese,
    soft drinks for the kids.
  5. Free raffle for Jackson Kayak goodies (get your
    ticket at the door on the way in)

See you there!

🙂 EJ