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July 5, 2005


When I first saw the happy seat/thruster combo I was
a little suspicious that it would prevent a wet exit, but it doesn’t.
After trying it in a store, I realized that I could get out just fine.
Since I have had it, I have been very happy with it’s and my performance.
My first impression was that it gives huge pop. An over thruster doesn’t
even begin to touch the happy thruster. After more use I was impressed
with the happy seat as well. It is more comfortable for my legs, and it
gives me more boat control. I would recommend the combo to anyone.

The happy thruster works especially well boaters learning
to loop. My 51 year old dad is slowing down. He has struggled to learn
how to loop because the loop is a fast, powerful move. He could never
stand up or huck quick enough. Once he tried the happy thruster, his loops
immediately improved (and he still keeps getting better). He even got
a few air loops! The thruster gave him more pop which means two things.
First, he has more time to think and move. A loop used to happen so quickly
that he didn’t even know what happened. Now, when he stands up, he has
time to realize what is going on and then huck forward. Second, the pop
makes it easier for the loop to come around. The extra height provides
more force to flip the boat, and less of the boat has to push through
the water. With the happy thruster, even old slow guys like my dad stand
a chance.

Greg Parker