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July 8, 2005

We are a small company trying to build a brand that
can satisfy our customers requests for the boat of their choice on demand.
This means that if you want a pink Hero and go to your local Jackson Kayak
dealer, which will likely not be stocking a Pink Hero, you can get one
made and shipped out to you right away. Well, we finally busted through
the backlog of kayaks last week shipping 260 of them to your dealers,
and leaving only 70 that are currently requested to ship this week, cool

What does this mean? That today, you should request
your Jackson Kayak of choice at your dealer, and we can show you what
we have been working towards for the past 15 months, to ship it out within
one week. Yes, we’ll screw that one up once or twice in the next
few months, because we’ll get a Pink Hero in and decide that it
is only demo quality and have to mold another one, taking an extra week,
but that will be the exception. In fact, John Ratliff told me today that
he plans on having 3 of each color in stock at all times!

Don’t wait for a year to figure out that you
would have more fun in a new boat, get one today!