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July 27, 2005


Thank you for designing the Super Fun. I am 6’7"
with a 38 inch inseam, size 14 feet, and 210 lbs. I can often not even
find jeans or sneakers that fit, let alone kayaks. I was thrilled to read
the specs on your web site about the Super Fun, and I was blown away when
I first sat in one. The boat actually felt too big, but that was only
because I was accustomed to cramming myself into boats that were too small.
I purchased it immediately from Confluence Kayak in Denver.

Before the Super Fun, my trim had always been way off
since I had to move the seat into its furthest back position. I am now
boating in my Super Fun without the foot-bag, and the seat in the furthest
forward position. This has given me the even balance I need to get a grip
on moves like cartwheels and bow stalls. Not to mention back surfing,
which I can now do without the intense forward lean required in the other
boats. I had been needing to touch my toes just to keep the stern from

I also love the ropes on the back-band. They work very
well and are super quick in-and-out. On that subject, the Super Fun is
the first boat I have actually used the back-band to any extent. I used
to be so far back in the cockpit that my back would rest against the rear

Using what I have learned in the Super Fun, I hope
to soon purchase a Super Star. I would also like to find a used T4. The
T4 fits me as well, it was just a bit advanced for me last year when I
discovered it. I credit you with the existence of that boat design as
well. I notice WS no longer offers the very large T4. Corporations concerned
only with the bottom line will overlook outliers like me, and I really
appreciate that you have not done that. I plan on giving Jackson Kayak
all my disposable income, and I tell everyone on the river that they are
wasting their time in anything other than a Jackson.

Thanks so much,


p.s. I am a professional photographer and I thought
I would attach a recent photo I took while stopped at a red light. I live
in central Denver and I have to drive through uptown on my way to Golden,
the best playspot in town. I think its funny because the Super Fun is
almost the size of my little car. I’ve also got a little section of kayaking
photos on my website if you are curious.
Unfortunately, I have not photographed any Jackson’s yet, because I have
been too busy playing in the river this season. I used to take photographs
when I was too sore from cramming into smaller boats. Now, I can paddle
all day, so I have not had the opportunity for photos, other than when
I am driving to and from the river.

Adam Welch Photography



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