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July 23, 2005

Got an MRI done yesterday, and while I was asking if
they saw what kind of damage to my stomach muscles, hip flexor, that type
of thing, they were more concerned with the fact that my kidney either
took a big beating, or has a growth on it. When I went to the emergency
room I was convinced that I was hit in the front right side. However,
after seeing the photos and the bruise, it is apparent that I was hit
from behind, putting the kidney in the way. CAT scans next and some lab
tests next week. I am living life as normally as possible right now. Two
major differences; first I am the spectator moving really slowly, and
the second is that I am not kayaking. Yesterday Clay, John Ratliff, Kristine,
and I went out on Clay’s ski boat. John and Clay wakeboarded while
I drove. Driving is fun, but I was convinced that I could wakeboard slowly
when on the boat, but got the three to one vote against it. We spent the
evening until dusk on the river, with a beautiful sky over us.

I still have no idea what the deal is with my broken
body, but am more determined than ever to get to the bottom of it. Time
for someone who knows what they are doing. Funny how a test gets done,
you think you’ll know what is going on, and the person looking at
the results doesn’t care about the things you care about so you
get zero information from them. Waste of time and money. I want to know
exactly what muscles, tendons, etc. are wrecked and exactly how bad, and
how to start fixing them. After two doctors the only good information
I have gotten is that my kidney isn’t right. That is good to know,
needs dealt with but doesn’t exactly help you do a clean blunt to
the left (the one move that puts me in a cold sweat just thinking about
how that would feel right now).

Anyhow- I have more work than I could get done in the
next few weeks so I’ll try to treat the three or so hours per day
that I would normally kayak as bonus time for work.

🙂 EJ