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July 8, 2005

Imagine if the hip pads were invented this season.
You have never had them, you wouldn’t really miss them would you?
Well, that is what happened this year, the Happy
was invented and I promise you, that you will have to think hard
after using one for a week which was a more important invention. I swear
that you will have to fight me for mine and I’ll fight hard for
it. It turns a small seat into a couch, holding your legs comfortably
in the thigh braces, making you feel more comfortable, more secure, and
able to paddle all day!

For playboating it is the Happy
Seat/Happy Thruster Combo
to keep your sprayskirt off your legs, adding
more volume for the biggest loops possible in your kayak, and looks cool.

I hope you don’t wait to long to discover a new
piece of outfitting that will change kayaks forever, like the backband
and hip pad!