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October 10, 2005

What a year this has been for the Jackson’s in
terms of our travel schedule, getting from place to place on time, getting
there safely, driving all night, etc. If you were to ask me how I feel
about traveling right now, I would say I want to go home and kick off
my shoes put them up on the deck railing, pour a glass of wine (I have
a case of Veramonte wine coming to me this week, sweet!) and chill out,
watch the sunset and know that I am not going anywhere for a while. Ask
me what I think of traveling after a month at home and it starts to look
more attractive again.

Well this is the schedule we had, with each location
filled with paddling, work, play, more traveling that isn’t listed,
and the occasional trip home.

Jackson Family Travel Schedule for 2005

March 10, 2005

“Off to the river!” Here is the Jackson
family schedule! See you on the river…

Jackson Family Schedule

March 12-13 Alabama Event- DONE

March 19-20 Ocoee Opening- DONE

April 1-30 FILM River running videos- done

April 2-3 Spring Splash, NOC- DONE- CASCADES,

April 9-10 Tallulah River, GA

April 23-24 Valley Mill Clinics, Potomac

April 29-30 Junior Team Trials- no go

May 14-15 Reno River Festival, Nevada- DONE

May 19 – 29 Flooded California River Running Trip- DONE

June 1-5 Vail, CO- DONE

June 10-11 Durango,CO- DONE

June 17-18 FIBARK,CO- DONE

June 24-25 Zoar Outdoor, MASS- DONE

June 27-July 8 Ottawa Clinics,Canada-DONE

July 15-16 Potomac Rodeo,MD- DONE- OUCH

August 11-14 Outdoor Retailer, UT- DONE


August 26-28 Blackwater Challenge, New York- DONE

September2-4 Ottawa Rodeo, Canada- DONE

Sept. 16-18 Ouachita River Festival, Arkansas- DONE

Sept. 23-24 Gauley Festival, WV- DONE

Oct. 1-2 Russell Fork Festival- DONE

October 8-9 Coosa, AL/ Whitewater Symposium, CO-DONE

We paddled on the east coast, west coast, north, south,
Oh yea- I forgot the 6 week trip to Australia for the World Championships,
then scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

I guess having the world championships in January threw
my mental schedule off a little for the year. I was in peak performance
mode in December and January and tried to carry that all season long.
Typically the winter travel is the start of getting in shape for the season,
but this year the fall was get in shape time and the goal was to stay
in shape all season. I was doing well until I got hurt in the Great Falls
Race and had 5 weeks of no paddling. I have been coming back since then,
and am starting to get back now.

Each new location we traveled to we looked forward
to getting there. Whether it be to eat at the Laughing Ladies in Salida
while living right on the boat ramp on the Arkansas River, or to hit a
fun creek or river that we have never been on. Seeing friendly faces we
know, and meeting new ones is always a treat. By the end of the season,
like now, we are ready to spend some quality family time, without the
constant distractions of travel and endless people to talk to from morning
to night.

I am writing this from a hotel in Eagle, Colorado,
the Inn at Riverwalk. Kristine just got home with the RV from Alabama.
I am driving to the airport in the morning ( the snow on the pass was
up to 24” this afternoon so I bagged going for it until the morning.)
Snow? Man, get me back to Tennessee where I can go swimming in the lake!

🙂 EJ