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August 8, 2005

Hey EJ,

Hope you heal quickly. We need you back out
on the river. I met you at the Zoar Demo fest and we talked about moving
to a 4 Fun from my Hoss. Every thing you told me about advancing the learning
curve has come true. I picked up my 4 Fun the following week before heading
on a road trip up to Ottawa kayak. I was nervous about bringing the new
boat without having any white water experience with it. Needless to say
my doubts were unfounded. It is a solid river runner but can play on demand.
I now have a solid on and offside combat rolls as well as hand roll. Knowing
my rolls were solid got me out to start playing more on Baby Face and
Push Button which were a blast. The boat is incredibly comfortable, handles
great in big water, and can get out there and play. What more could you
ask for.

Thank you for designing such a great boat,

Dave Shoup

PS I’ve attached a photo from punching
through Sattler’s. I thought you might like the product placement.



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