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September 14, 2005

Back on the Gauley the first time this year, and after
the season of travel I’ve had I tried not to get my hopes up.

But the Gauley delivers no matter how many days you’ve
had on Oh-be-Joyful, Garb and Lachine. Not sure if I can think of one
feature really, it’s more the sum of its parts and the multitude of routines
I’ve worked out over the years in each rapid. ‘Should I boof the left
channel, wavewheel – kickflip – or surf the waves in the middle, or run
the slots on the right in this rapid – hmm’: the options are limitless
and can give you either a workout, a working, or walk in the park depending
on how your feeling right then. Taking my Super-star down, I sacrificed
some of the squirty combo moves down the eddyline in exchange for some
stiffer slots and the most supreme air-time available from Gomer’s, Batcave,
Hungry Mother, Last Chance, and all those little spots in between. Who
doesn’t love launching 2′ over the foampile in 60 degree water on a 75
degree day?

Looking forwards to Friday . .