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August 3, 2005

To my new Best friend,

Just a quick note to say cheers!

I have just started back into kayaking after a break
of several years. I searched high and low for a boat that would suit my
needs – Tall and lightweight. I’m 6’3" and 170lb. Could I find a
boat that fitted me, not a chance! All the boats I tried were either to
tight or way too much volume. So, after much wasted time I wound up with
a compromised boat (Perception Madness), a steady performer but no real
fun. Then by complete accident I stumbled upon Jackson Kayak in a small
shop in the back end of nowhere (Bala, Wales, UK). My eyes have been opened!!
I’ve gone from not being able to pull any moves to someone who can swap
ends at the drop of a hat, loops – not quite, but I’m getting there. The
All star kicks ass! I’ve never paddled a boat that’s so comfy yet such
an extreme performer. Yes, I can shoehorn myself into other playboats
but after 10 minutes I can’t feel my legs, the All Star fits like a glove!
I can paddle the boat for hours and still be able to walk! The hull is
so loose, but at the same time precise, almost as if it’s connected directly
to you brain, you think the move and it just happens. No fuss, no complaints,
no effort, just bucketloads of performance! I take it out onto the river
and I can guarantee a line of people wanting a go.

So the long and short of it is, Thank you very much
for making tall skinny bloke very, very happy!!

Best regards,

Mike Kisby