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October 28, 2005

Last event of the season, and it’s the scariest!

Heading back from Russel Fork I thought I would get
an early start on Green race training . . .but felt like I was late.

My first run of the season was also 5x race winner
Tomme Hileke’s ‘welcome back’ from Colorado – fresh from the airport with
a 6PM put-on time we bombed down on a ‘cruiser’ run that is probably one
of my fastest top-to-bottom runs ever. The next 2 days got faster. I’m
pretty sure there are more Prijon Tornado’s in Ashville right now than
in the whole rest of the USA. And they are all blazing through the Narrows
– often in one line – several times a day.

I’m opting for the ‘short boat’ class, which means
8’6” and under, which I’ve won twice in a GUS. This year I’ll be sporting
the Super-hero. While both boats are really fast, the Super-hero’s narrow,
long waterline seems to be a bit quicker in the flats so I’m hoping to
hit/break the 5 minute mark (5:04 is currently the short-boat coarse record).
Sure some say we should all be in long boats, but I find this challenge
works find for me right now, and I get to paddle modern boats!

If you are headed to the Green, watch out for training
racers, and be aware that they often come in groups of 7 boats spaced
about 10 seconds apart. If you are training on the Green, remember that
the first timer you encounter might not know the run and be following
someone for his line – so give slow-moving groups the space and respect
they deserve. Sure the race nears, but you’ll never forget your first
run of the Gorilla….
especially if it wasn’t on purpose.

Can’t wait to practice again next week!





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