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September 14, 2005

Hi Eric,

I’ve been going for physical therapy on a shoulder
issue and my therapist is doing a great job on mending my 38 year old
body together. He wants to get my shoulders, hips and back stronger than
what they are. We talked about hips in a boat and after I explained how
one sits in a kayak and he seen the actual position for himself…he said
" Yes, I can definitly see pain from that position". He asked
about a way of getting weight off the hips; I told him about your Happy
Seat! I explained how it works. He said " That’s actually a great
idea to get the weight off your hips". I just thought you should
know that a sport and regular therapist approves of your design. So, I’ll
go get one soon for my Super Starr and try it out.

Dave Witmer!