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October 17, 2005

That is right- want to get the best price on a Jackson
Kayak right now- here you go!

What is it?

Factory Blems, or Demo boats are what I paddle, as
well as all of Team Jackson Kayak. I won the world championships in a
demo boat. What is wrong with a demo boat? Well, I actually challenge
you to find the blemish, but it is there somewhere! We have tight quality
control standards so our demos are structurally sound, they just have
a “birthmark” somewhere. Some are obvious. We have a few Fun
1.5s that the Fun 1.5 logo us upside down! Sometimes the logos get cracked
when they are applied, etc. Sometimes there is a “bow dip”
which is where the screws for the security bars weren’t loosened
during the molding process early enough causing a dip in the bow (many
people like because you can cartwheel it easier). The creekboats don’t
have bow dips, but they do get graphic mess ups sometimes.

How much will you pay for them you ask:?

Fun 1: $595

Fun 1.5: $695

2 Fun-Super Fun: $750

Star, All-Star, Super Star: $795

Hero, Super Hero, Rocker: $850

Ready, set… GO! Deal closes in less than 30 days!

What are you waiting for? Contact your dealer today!
Place your order and get it while you can! Some models only have a handful
of demos so they won’t last long.

🙂 EJ