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September 7, 2005

The guys at the factory got together and decided to
help out those in need on the Gulf Coast after Katrina wrecked havoc.
John Ratliff, Don Klein, John Dean, Corey, and perhaps Kristine and Emily
(if we get home in time to hook up with them) will be leaving for Louisiana
tomorrow after work with two truck and trailers full of donated supplies.
Jackson Kayak will be closed for the week while they are gone. Kayakers
will be hooking up with them from Ohio, NY, TN, and all over the place,
bringing additional supplies. Our get it done staff will be paddling kayaks
to flooded areas if needed, and doing what ever they can. Thanks to all
who have responded to the call for help by John and Don.

My partner Tony Lunt and I will be funding the trip
and closing down production for the week. Carman, Lorraine, Goat (shipping),
and a couple others will stay behind to assure that your needs are taken
care of.

Please email,
for last minute contributions or to join the trip.

Thanks again to all of the great kayakers out there
offering your help!

We have a great community of people.

🙂 EJ