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September 16, 2005

I am missing my lovely wife already, as she has flown
on a jetplane to Munich and taken a train to Nurnberg, the site of the
2005 European Trade show (like Outdoor Retailer). She went primarily as
the North American Rep to the IFC, and the USA Rep to the ICF. As freestyle
is assimilated in the International Canoe Federation the committee in
which Kristine has been a member for several years now (International
Freestyle Committee) is also being merged into the ICF. The United States
Freestyle Committee is will officially become part of the United States
of America Canoe and Kayak (USACK), which governs both Olympic and non-olympic
kayak sports. One of Kristine’s goals is to assure that the balance
of power remains in the organization. Another goal is to make sure that
we will have at least 50 countries in the next world championships, held
in Canada in 2007. If we do, then Freestyle will be eligible to try to
get in the Olympics. Kristine has a bit on her plate, since she is also
meeting with Simon from Square Rock (our European importer) and many of
our dealers there.

Well, I am now in Arkansas with the kids and dogs,
in the RV, delivering a pile of boats to Kayak Instruction, our soon to
be newest Super Store in Texas! Ben and Dave run that company and it will
be awesome for both of us!

🙂 EJ

p.s. check out this cool link to Soul Boater from Germany
from the show…