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October 24, 2005

I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding your videos. I have
them all, but specifically loved the strokes and concepts and the rolling
and bracing. A friend of mine and I started kayaking at the beginning
of the summer. We live in Delaware, home of no whitewater. We practiced
your techniques on flat water over the summer and made it to the Potomac
fow a few weekends. We actually then joined up with a group and paddled
the lower Gauley during the Gauley Fest weekend. Thanks to the skills
we learned from you and practicing those skills on flat water we were
able to make clean (for the most part) runs down the lower with no swims
and no worries. Your videos are exceptional teaching tools for anyone
who wants to kayak. I am paddling a 4 Fun as well and the boat is amazing
(I have tried many others over the summer, but found the 4 fun to be the
best for me).

PS. A few friends of mine and I are planning to move out of Delaware.
I was curiuos as to what you would suggest to be a great place with the
best paddling. We are looking for a place with a long paddling season
(where water levels are normally consistent) and plenty of play spots.
Colorado was a thought. Are there any other places that you would suggest.
Just looking for ideas.