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August 25, 2005

The Blackwater Challenge (Black River, NY) and the
Ottawa Rodeo (Ottawa River, Ontario) make up the 2005 North American Championships
for Freestyle. The Black starts this Saturday and registration is open.
Anyone who wants to show up and compete can show up on Friday night if
they want to, compete on Saturday and Sunday, and then decide if they
want to go to the Ottawa. The Route 3 wave is the sight of the rodeo here,
with the water being at competition level from Noon-6pm each day for training.
Hole Brothers is also running at a good level for those wanting to throw
some huge loops and other hole tricks.

Corey Volt was throwing McNasties at the Route 3 wave
yesterday, really stepping it up. The event will be a fun one whether
you compete or not. Concert on Friday night, wine and cheese festival
over the weekend with every major NY winery coming to offer tastes of
their best.

Hope to see you here!

🙂 EJ