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August 8, 2005


I just wanted to thank you for (and compliment on the
quality of) your strokes and concepts video. The time I have spent watching
the video and practicing the strokes really paid off this last weekend.

First, a little background. I’ve been paddling for
about 18 months now and have around 30 or so river days. I’ve been able
to progress fairly quickly thanks to some help from some experienced paddlers
who have been willing to take the time to show me the ropes and more recently,
your Strokes and Concepts video. About three weeks ago, I purchased that
video and have watched and practiced it religiously since that time.

Anyway, I decided to spend this last weekend in southern
Washington running the White Salmon River with some friends. The White
Salmon is a beautiful class III+ river with one class IV 10 ft drop named
Husum falls. On Saturday, the run went great. I ran everything including
Husum Falls clean and could really feel the improvement in my boat control
as a result of your video. I had run class IV several times before, but
this was the first time I had really felt in control. Sunday however,
things did not go as planned. About one third of the way through the run
I flipped (face down) after bouncing off a rock hidden in a shallow class
III wave train. In an effort to keep my face away from the rocky riverbed
I thrust my paddle to the bottom of the river and managed to get my torso
around so that I was in the much safer "face up" position. Unfortunately,
my brand new carbon fiber paddle broke in the process.

After regrouping in the pool below my friends and I
discussed our options. I told them that I had been watching your video
and was willing to try and finish the run with half a paddle. So, after
a few rolls with my "new paddle", we were off. Much to my surprise,
I had no problem running the remaining two thirds of the river which included
several class III rapids. Thanks to your video, I not only survived the
rest of the run,I enjoyed it! I felt so good I even seriously considered
running the 10 footer at the takeout with one blade but eventually though
the better of it.

Thanks again EJ for your video. I’m sold on it and
now recommend it to all my friends. I just purchased your advanced river
running and basic playboating videos and can’t wait until they arrive.

Thanks again!

Tom Bath
Seattle, Wa