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August 23, 2005

It is not everyday you pull into a town and have billboards
advertising the kayak event coming up! There is a 6 page insert in the
Watertown newspaper with the event schedule, concert and party schedule,
wine tasting events, etc., etc. all weekend long! TV shows are being filmed,
the city, and county is behind the event, and it looks like it will be
even bigger than USA team trials last year. Last year before the event
the water was too high for the Route 3 wave. Since we arrived last night
it has been nearly perfect. The Route 3 wave is small, but really fun!
The challenge with this wave is that it is shallow. The face is nice and
green and smooth, but the blunts have to be high and quick on the face
to prevent hitting bottom. There are helixes, flip-turns, and even the
occasional Air Screws (Donkey Flip) to be had on the wave to. The kids
get mad at me for front surfing too much. The All-Star is so much fun
to just do quick hard carves back and forth as fast as you can, throwing
water off the top of the wave.

I made this video
to show the wave.

🙂 EJ