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September 14, 2005

Hi Mr. Jackson,

Here’s a picture of Anisa when she was learning
to surf on the Flint. Now she’s outgrown the fun 1. We had to buy another
fun 1 a few months ago for our 6 year old since our five year old had
taken over Anisa’s boat. Now we are going to get a fun1.5 for Anisa. Dane
tried her out in his black 1.5 at one of the competitions we saw your
family at in Alabama early this year. She will fit in it now. Our kayak
shop is up and running, But we don’t order enough boats to buy in bulk
yet. But when we’re done we will have six Jackson Kayaks in our family.
You make the Kayaks, We make the paddlers.

Mary Ann Williams
Chris Williams
Anisa Kistler
Kaitlyn Williams
Ethan Jace (E.J.) Kistler
Corbin Williams

West Point Kayak-not a drop of whitewater on our run,sadly.
But we do have a creek run that gets wild when we have flood water. We
mostly have renters not buyers.




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