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October 21, 2005

Hey Guys:

The UNCA demo day was a big hit, and we had the pool
packed from 6:30 till 9PM. I brought 8 boats and every one was on the
water at least twice, with 4-5 out at a time most of the night. The tiny
Star was a big hit with everyone, as it is so easy to throw around and
can fit people up to a 32” inseam. Next most used was the 2-Fun – there
were many women and young men, and then the Super-Star – cause everyone
could fit in it. UNCA professor Chris Bell had his young girls paddling
around the Fun-1, then took them all for a spin in the Super-Hero. At
the end i got in the Star to flop around and managed to nail a couple
flatwater backloops and my first no-paddle front-loops. That little boat
rulz the pool!

Afterwards it was pizza, Red Bull, and Wet-house.
This documento-paddle porn had some good insight into the athletes as
well as the usual huge air and huge drops. Highlights would be Andrew
Holcombe’s background, Steve Fisher’s relatives, Nikki Kelly’s creek segment
(she is one SMOOTH lady), Jimmy B’s skateboarding, and uh – I didn’t see
Tanya or Bryan’s segments, so you should check it out for yourself. .

Headed to the Green for some training runs in the Super-hero
. . .