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October 24, 2005

Well, the beginning of week two began with a beat down
at the end of my session on the beach break. It was
so strong that I could not get back out for one last
surf. Today, I stopped two surfs short of what I
thought I should. Mo Kelleher from Ireland arrived
today. I surfed a lot with him on the Ottawa this
summer. I am off to Playa Hermosa for a night
expression session and BBQ. It is still raining from
Hurricane Wilma.

Saturday we had the Open Class. I tried to throw a
cartwheel end as an exit move each ride. My second ride I caught my stern,
power flipped, lost my paddle, rammed my left shoulder into my lose paddle
blade and jammed my head into the sand. Riser and Grossman ran down the
beach as I used my hand to roll and told me to paddle to the outside.
It was a rough start for my first comp, but I was only 8 points out. Jameson
and Grossmann both advanced, as did a ton of USA paddlers.

Sunday we had the International Class. I was in a stacked
heat and without a boat as Jameson Riser was letting me use her IC boat
but now we found ourselves in the same heat. Kate and Demonty Smith, who
I met in Sacramento when I was doing a shop visit for Jackson Kayak, came
to my rescue. They let me use Kate’s boat. My first ride in it was in
comp. You only need three rides and yesterday I took too many. I decided
to slow down and go outside, and chose only really good waves, as it seemed
I did not have much of a chance to advance. Well, I won my heat! Not by
much but it means I get to compete again on Monday.

For full results check out

It has not stopped raining! Sorry no video or pictures
but many if it ever stops raining! Pura Rain,