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October 19, 2005

I cannot believe just how lucky I am. I had a five
hour delay out of Miami and missed my shuttle from San
Jose to Jaco only to find six other members of the
East Coast Surf Team seated on the plane all around
me. They gave me a lift and took me under their wings
out in the surf.

The surf is great. My first three days have been super
but the waves were a little small today. It really made me want bigger
waves but I think it is good to be careful what you ask for when it comes
to wave size in the ocean as the poundings getting out past the beach
break becomes larger too.

Yesterday, Grant from McCall, Idaho, his mom, Jan,
and his Aunt Michelle arrived with the Northern Ireland team. I surfed
twice today and it shows. I am so tired I cannot keep my eyes open.

Today, Pays Basque team arrived. It is likely they
will hold the next World Surf Kayak Championships. Can you believe that?
They also have the room next to mine with a Basque Flag hanging on our

Today I was having great rides but was not able to
get off the outside break so I rode the waves in smiling and spinning
until I spun around to paddle back out. I got my first beat down in about
a foot of water. I rolled up with my face covered in sand. Two others
kayakers broke their boats when they were tumbling in the surf and collided
with the fins from the other kayak. I surfed until dark.

Rusty Sage is here and he is throwing really large
kick flips off the backside of the waves and helixing on the front side.
Jim Grossman did a loop yesterday in his 9 foot ICY Mako kayak from PS
Composites. Jameson Riser and Jim Grossman are helping me a ton learning
how to throw moves and read the ocean instead of the river. I never knew
there was so much to it! There is an East Coast and a West Coast team
here from the USA plus individuals competing in both the International
and Open Classes. I am competing as an individual in both classes.

The World Surf Kayaking Championships begin on the
22 of October at Playa Esterillos Oeste and finish on the 30th. We have
boat check in and opening ceremonies on Friday, October 21st. The main
website for the event is

I left for the surf at 5:30 am this morning and I ran
down the line (meaning I out ran the break) and then did a roundhouse
back into the pile. Getting out early was worth it. Pura Vida for sure!
Devon PS- This is my second trip to Costa Rica. My first one was 10 years
ago with Eric Jackson where I got my first lesson in ocean surfing.

Devon Barker
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