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November 30, 2005

I am quite excited about the results of the strength
testing of the
Boat Armor. For the first time in history, everything is tied together
create the most structurally sound oufitting yet, protecting the
creekboaters, river runners, and playboaters alike!

This test was more of a demonstration than a test.
We know how strong it is, but needed to demonstrate it. I have a 1988
Toyota Landcruiser and the rear end of it weighs 3,650 pounds dry. We
put one side on the Fun and the other on a Super Hero. The Super Hero
is an old one of mine that we retrofitted with Boat Armor. The Fun was
a new demo.

Each boat had over 1,800 pounds on it. I jumped on
the tailgate to pose for a picture too, I should have had the whole staff
jump on.

It occurred to me that there are lots of ways we could
have cheated on these photos, like put a cement block under the cockpit
to keep it from sagging. But anyone who knows me knows that I am trying
to make the best product possible and would only tout something as it
is. And these boats are supporting that heavy hunk of steel!

The performance gained and the safety gained in the
new outfitting is awesome. The All-Star and Funs just got a lot faster
on waves, how cool is that! That has been tested and verified by our team
with it, Clay and Stephen, and myself.

More cool things that have come from it are, adjustability
from inside the cockpit of the seat on a slider that doesn’t require pulling
the screws out of holes.

No holes in the boat, of course- You have experienced
how dry a Jackson Kayak is right?

Cross linked plastic, of course- have you asked your
dealer about warranties for Jackson Kayak? While some local dealers have
had as many as 15 returns from one manufacturer in 2005, Jackson Kayak
has had only 6 since we started two years seasons ago world wide, and
all of them were Quality control misses!

Comfortable: Sweet Cheeks- put it on your Christmas
list! If you are really good, maybe your Santa will get you one, or a
new boat with the Sweet Cheeks in it!

We will have our water cooled aluminum seat molds in
10 days, then we will be carefully manufacturing beautiful new kayaks
for good girls and boys everywhere!

EJ 🙂




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3600 pounds on a Super Hero and a Fun

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After 5 minutes- the Fun still holding up 1,800 pounds!

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After 5 minutes the Super Hero is still in action!

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Don’t be afraid little doggie, the Boat Armor will protect you!

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How about another 160 pounds, no problem

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The Jackson Kayak Staff on Boat Armor testing