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November 16, 2005

Going to Africa

I am going to Africa this winter and it is going to
be loads of fun! I am padding the Zambezi and the White Nile. We are going
to the Zambezi for a week and a week on safari and then 2 weeks at the
White Nile. We (me, my dad, my mom, and my sister) are going with Chris
Emrick, Jay Kincaid, Stephen Wright, Devon Barker, Nick Troutman, Clay
Wright, and Marty Cronin. We are going there to refilm the playboating
videos with jacksonkayaks. I am really exited because the whitewater is
HUGE, and the animals are spectacular. We also are going to swim above
Victoria Falls which I am also exited for as well and we are staying at
a three star hotel. It is going to be a fun1!

Dane Jackson