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November 19, 2005

The only thing I have been doing longer than kayaking
is flying RC planes. This is me back in 1971, and today in 2005 (34 years
later). Cool stuff.

The muffler wasn’t tightened down enough so it
fell off on my second flight, but I did two sweet dead stick landings,
putting the plan between my feet when it stopped.

Oh yea- we had a GREAT session at the hole today. It
was 2,900 cfs and super fun. The water ran from 7-10am. It was a little
chilly at first but warmed up nicely. The eddy behind the waterfall is
warm from the sun hitting in there and the temperature starts at the water
temp (55). Clay, Emily, Dane, Jase, and I paddled with another kid I know,
but forgot his name.

It is running for an hour or so tomorrow too.

EJ 🙂




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