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Jay has a moment to reflect on how nice it is that his Jackson
Kayak is bone dry, because it has no holes in it, and a great cockpit rim

November 26, 2005

Hey EJ,

A Cold day like this reminds me of how lucky I am
to have a dry boat. I am still wearing shorts on the river and at the
end of my session they are barely wet. I am also warmer because I don’t
have water sloshing around inside my boat getting my lower body and waist
soaked. Macy asked to barrow a sponge for his boat while we were paddling
the other night, and it was weird because I had so quickly forgotten that
a sponge does not have to be part of your boating gear. I hadn’t thought
about a sponge in months! A dry boat is as it should be, and I can’t imagine
anything else. So, to all the sponges that I have ever owned, rest in