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November 15, 2005

After every session on the Truckee River I take a quick
look at the ends of my boat. It’s an old habit. This time of year the
water is lower and the rocks and concrete are more exposed. Recently,
since my move to the Jackson Kayak and the Super Star I have been amazed
at how well my boat is wearing, or rather not wearing. In the years past,
in other kayaks, I would wear through and break boats on a consistent
basis. My point though isn’t about those other boats, but is about the
strength of the plastic and shape of the Super Star. Jackson Kayak uses
"cross link" plastic which is much more resistant to the everyday
wear and tear that your boat will see on the river. The Star series are
also more rounded and free of sharp angles at the ends making for a boat
that doesn’t have the sharp wear points of other boats on the market.
Combining that shape with a superior plastic has made my daily sessions
worry free, as after over 50 days of use the ends of my boats look as
close to new as a used boat can. I paddle almost every single day, and
if you see me on the river and want to know what a very used boat looks
like, just take a look at mine. I think that you will be amazed at just
how un-used it looks.

Jay Kincaid