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November 9, 2005

David Knight and I have taken our time and made three
designs, each one evolving to the final version of the Ricochet we have
now, awesome! I am biting my fingernails waiting for my new boat which
will be made next week! I will provide photos of my own Ricochet as soon
as I get it on the water. Until then, I have these computer images which
show it off pretty well. The way to make sure you are waiting too long
for your Ricochet is to get your order in now at your local Jackson Kayak
dealer. Go to my dealer
to find your closest dealer. Your boat will be made and shipped
to the dealer unless you aren’t near one. In that case, it will
go to you directly. You can choose from several options.

1. Pick your size: Cadet (50- 110 pounds), Junior (100-150
pounds) Full size (140- 220 pounds)

2. Pick your layup: National layup (Kevlar/glass),
International Layup (carbon/foamcore)

3. Pick your color: We have some standard colors at
no charge, special colors or graphics extra, we will quote them for you.

The way this kayak is getting molded is awesome! A
standard slalom boat mold can be made in a few days. Ours took six weeks.
We made a 19 layer deck and hull mold, with foam core and a steel frame.
There is a cockpit rim mold, a foam core mold, a seat mold, and the biggest
deal is that instead of taping the deck to the hull and doing inside seams
by hand (messy and not strong), we can put the deck mold on the hull mold
and vacuum bag the inside seams in the boat! This method means no outside
seams needed! How cool is that?! It also means that the shape of the kayak
comes out perfect. The plug and mold were buffed to a mirror shine also,
making the finished product a work of art.

I am quite excited about having my first composite
Jackson Kayak boats on the water. It was an expensive proposition, but
like anything worthwhile, quality is not cheap. By eliminating the shipping
costs for getting a boat from the Czech Republic (where most slalom boats
are made) we are able to be competitive with the cheap labor and low costs
they have.

What will it paddle like? Fast, turn on a dime, carry
your speed through your turns. Everything a slalom racing boat should
be. Do you have to race slalom to enjoy a slalom boat? No way! Take a
trip to Washington, DC and paddle on the Potomac and you will see how
slalom boats are one of the top choices for zipping around the river,
surfing waves, and getting a workout in after work or at lunch.

Get your order in fast and you won’t have to
wait in line! Well, maybe you will have to wait for my boat, Emily’s
boat, and Dane’s boat, but you can be right after that!

EJ 🙂




Click to view larger image

Ricochet side view

Click to view larger image

Ricochet Stern view

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Ricochet top view

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Ricochet perspective view

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Ricochet hull view

Click to view larger image

Ricochet bow view (might want to look out because it may fly out at you!)