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November 25, 2005

Bullet Point facts that may improve your kayaking.

1. EJ’s Playboating DVD’s have a separate
chapter that shows you how to get to the Zambezi or Nile, where to stay,
and contact information.

2. The Happy Seat and Happy Thruster fit any kayak

3. Our new Sweet Cheeks is the best piece of comfort
equipment we have made since the Happy Feet.

4. 2006 outfitted kayaks will be shipping in 2005 in

5. Our 2006 prices have DROPPED (Star, All-Star, and
Super Star are now only $895, 2 Fun, Fun, 4 Fun, and Super Funs are $849,
Fun 1 is only $695, and Fun 1.5 is $795, Rocker, Hero, and Super Hero
are $995.)

6. The new boat armor outfitting will not only improve
performance, but improves safety and durability as well.

7. All Preferred and Super Store dealers for 2006 will
get brand new demo boats and new retail boats before March of 2006. See
Jackson Kayak Dealer Section
for a list of our Preferred and Super

8. We will be coming out with a new lime green color
in 2006.

9. The 2006 Rocker, Hero, and Super Hero are creekboats
and river runners worth getting on the water for a test, before you miss
another season without one.

10. The Paddle Station, while brand new and unknown,
will change working out for kayakers forever. Nothing beats a workout
on the Paddle Station if you want to be strong and ready for kayaking.

🙂 EJ