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December 7, 2005

EJ, How are things for you and the Jackson family?
Chris here from Texas, you may or may not remember me. We meet at the
Ouchita River in Arkansas, I was the one that you used for the presentaion
of outfitting ans adjustiong your boats. Well I have bought me a All Star
and now back in a Jackson boat. I had to buy a demo from a dealer ( couldn’t
afford a new one at the moment)the boat itself was beat to hell, you would
have thought that Jay Kincaid owned the boat for about 6 or so years.
After some TLC and a few minor modifications it looks much better than
when I received it. I wish I would have known at the time what you were
doing with the 2006 boats with the boat aemor, I would have waited and
put myself into debt. But that’s life. The boat ROCKS! It has taken me
a few paddle days in it to adjust to the way it paddles over the King
Pin and the way it rolls compared to the king pin. These are all just
adjustment curves for me. We have a wave/hole here that runs year round
it is small but at the same time it is difficult to keep a boat in it.
The KP would flush very quickly for me, and was not able to work on and
practce any moves. With the All Star, totally different. When I first
put the boat in the hole I was excpecting to flush. Not the case here,
the All Star surfed the foam pile almost waiting for me to decide on what
to work on. The boat will spin in this hole, which is not common to see
from other boats. Loop wow! I have the happy seat/ thruster in it, I am
scared to try and loop. The feature that we play in has a concrete ledge
were the water flows from the slide. I have been worried about falling
onto the concrete. I am getting more consistant with the loop and have
started to nail a few of them. The back loop also I now can set up for
and drive the boat for a back loop, a little more practice and I will
have it. Cartwhells I am not flushing out of the hole in a stall nor am
I falling on my head. I need to figure out what I am doing wrong going
into the third end. Now I gotrying to work on specific things, before
in the KP I was working on just trying to stay in the hole. We havent
had any rain so I have not been able to paddle it on a wave. Just the
small waves in Ak. Lance, who I was in AK with, was running his mouth
about me getting the boat and having all the hoses to blow this up and
that up, has spent about as much time in the boat as I have and has now
places an order for a 2006 boat. Sometimes I spend more time watching
people paddle the boat that in it. I have attached a picture of lance
and I, when we get our next big rain I will send you this picture with
two All Stars on it. One question with the boat armor, will this retro
fit into all JK.

SYOTR, Chris



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