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December 17, 2005

This past couple months have been quite a break through
for my Africa project. For those of you who don’t know what my project

This year I have made $3,600 placing in kayak competitions.
I decided that I would use it to help a town called Jinja in Uganda where
I will be visiting in 9 days! This town is the put in for the Nile River
and they have been receiving help from a fellow team Jackson Kayak member
and founder of a non profit organization called Soft Power. They have
put a school house and a clinic in this area and they only thing they
are missing is a good close supply of water. For my project I will be
putting a well in that is pumped out using a merry go round, if you would
like more information on this kind of well go to
This provides more information on the kind of well I am planning on having
drilled. It costs about $10,000 and I believe that I will have about $7,000
before I go there. So far I believe I have $6,000. Thanks to family and
friends such as my Uncle Scott, the Stocks, Andy Weise, Don, and Jana.
Thank You Guys! Yesterday I also received 100 pairs of Teva shoes! This
was one of the best donations so far! I couldn’t believe how many
there were, we counted like 6 boxes! It was amazing to see them arrive!
Thank YOU TEVA! I also want to say thanks to my sponsors help with my
Project such as AT Paddles, Snap Dragon, Lotus and Patagonia, and J3

Thank You Guys!

If we don’t meet our goal money wise then we are
going to put a well in and add the play pump when we have enough money.
While I am there I will also be painting a school house so that should
be fun!

Big Thanks to Everyone! I couldn’t do it without your

We are still accepting checks which can be written out
to Emily Jackson (me) or Soft Power Health

You can send them to:

826 Power House Rd
Walling Tn 38587


Emily Jackson