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December 16, 2005

It is always interesting to see what people are thinking
about you, and want to write about you on a readers poll like the Fast
Company one that did a piece on Jackson Kayak as one of their contenders
for 2005.

The variation from one person to another is amazing!

One person may commend my approach to business, while
another will say that my ethics are questionable. There were more than
one that said my ego was an issue. I certainly don’t want to be
a person who is arrogant, and try not to be. The Fast Company article
asks questions that specifically want the reader to know what is special
about your company and what your goals are. When I announce a goal to
the public, it must seem quiet arrogant to some, I guess, and I hope that
my answers to the questions asked is where this was coming from. What
are your goals for the competition? To win, of course.

My favorite was the one where the person questioned
that I knew what was best for the dealers, in that I “made”
dealers carry the whole line for better pricing. NOC, Rock Creek, or Valley
Mill, or CKS our largest dealers pay the exact same amount of money as
the smallest dealer for Jackson Kayak, who is not a Preferred Dealer,
and that price is as good as it gets for whitewater boats.

If you want to check it out, go to:
and rate us yourself. I haven’t really read the other companies,
but we are the only kayaking company on there. There are lots of cool
companies in the “Fast 50” readers poll. I don’t know
how many, but lots!

The home page for Fast Companies “Fast 50”
where you can browse all of the entrants is at:

🙂 EJ