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December 28, 2005

What time is it? Just finished ‘dinner’ at what felt
like breakfast time
– yuck. But jetlag’s about the only thing wrong in our world and on a
like this so far, so good!!

ALL our boats made it here and we’re snuggled in to
the ‘International Sun’ in Johannesburg, SA booked for a flight to Zambia

We’ve got a great cast for this production:

Eric, Kristine, Dane, and Emily Jackson – the ‘Blood’s’
got this thing together.

Nick Troutman – Canada’s 2nd best Jr, Keener of the
Year, and all-around good blonde guy. He’s our ‘ringer’ for the flick
– expect big tricks and a growing name recognition for this guy.

Marty Cronin – our Colorado connection went gambling
after finishing up the Johnie Walker, we hope he gets back in time for
the flight.

Peter Weingarten – this International exploring ‘Senior-star’
is not only Jed’s Dad but a damn fine expedition kayaker to boot. We’re
gonna teach this dog some new tricks.

Stephen Wright – the Cartoon character ‘Boygenius’ exploded
onto the freestyle comp scene in 2005 and is looking to go ‘bigger than
your Mom’ as soon as we hit the river.

And Clay Wright – hey that’s me!

We’ll be meeting up EJ’s Video Veteran, Keen Ad poster-woman
and Mother Theresa runner-up Jessie Stone. She’s taking time off from
her Soft-power Health project to keep EJ from getting Malaria, again and
show us the lines on her new home river, the White Nile.

Hope to have some river-shots from Stephen in soon –




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Peter, Kristine, EJ, and Cl

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Emily watching gear

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EJ checking in