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December 7, 2005

Many times people have attempted to make kayak simulating
exercise machines. They tend to be made of steel and resemble rowing machines
with two pulleys instead of one. They allow you to do forward strokes
only, are for endurance, and aren’t very versatile. I worked out
diligently in “Bill’s Gym” (my coach Bill Endicott’s
garage) during my slalom racing career on such a machine and it helped
me during periods where I couldn’t paddle. The issue was not only
that the machines are so narrow in scope, but they tend to be VERY expensive
too and not that much fun.

Well, those times have changed with the Paddle Station.
Start with your kayak, a $900 ergonomic machine that has a proper seat,
backband, thigh braces, and footbracing system. Climb in the cockpit of
your kayak and you are in perfect workout position! You are not going
to slid around!

Strap your kayak to the Paddle Station and you now have
a workout machine with your cockpit as the center of it.


4 bungees, each of which you can adjust the tension
without getting out of your boat. 2 bungess in the front for pulling exercises,
and 2 in the back for pushing exercises.

It also comes with 2 Balance Disks. These disks are
to allow you to incline, decline, or balance your boat while working out.
You can even practice moves like the lean clean while on dry land!

Eric Stiller and I will be making an exercise video
for the Paddle Station this spring for those of you who prefer to have
a set program to follow.

How much is the machine? Only $395. A typical kayak
simulator is $2,000!


When can you get one for yourself or for a gift? You
can order today and we will start shipping them by Wednesday, December
14th, 2006!



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Curls are sweet!

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Paddle Station

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Paddle Station