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December 2, 2005

I have wanted to offer my readers the option of signing
up on the website so you will be sent an email when we update it with
a link. I am also gathering ergonomic information from you so we can assure
that your body counts in our R+D! You can register your boat/boats with
us too, putting in the serial number and purchase date. This will help
you in the case of a warranty situation. If you want to be a part of the
development of Jackson Kayak, and want to influence what we do, please
sign up today. We will be sending out questionnaires and doing our best
to make it worth your while to sign up. Your information is for me only
(EJ) and will only be used to help Jackson Kayak better serve you. If
I have a clinic, instructor clinic, or other activity that I think you
may be interested in, I will email you about that too.

I hope you like the new look of
! Click here to sign

🙂 EJ