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December 16, 2005

I gathered all the footage that I could get my hands
on from 2005 and edited it out into one massive collection. Much thanks
to everyone who video-ed me, as I don’t yet have my own camera. These
people are Bryon Dorr, Devon Barker, The Keeners of Wilderness Tours,
and Jeremy Cane. Bryon did some editing on this, so did the keeners, and
so did I. Photos were taken by Jen Kellerman, Bryon Dorr, the Keeners,
and Clay Wright. Enjoy
the vid
! You’ll probably need quicktime to view it. Be patient, the
file is 5.4 megs :0) An
even larger, 15 MB version is availalbe here.

The clips are from all over: New Dries, Lachine, Garb,
Habitat 67, Chili Bar, Reno, Susquehanna, Inner City, and others I can’t

Live from Rock Island, Stephen Wright